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PPC Adwords Course in Dehradun

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This PPC training in dehradun course introduces you to the very important aspect of online advertising. You would have seen many advertisements while surfing web or doing google searches this PPC Trainining is all about them. These are paid advertisements and companies generate lead through them for their business. This PPC ( pay per click ) training program prepares you to take on responsibility of successfully running online advertisements and generate best ROI ( return on investment ) through research and targetting. We with ppc trainging in dehradun open the world of huge scope in this field and good growth opportunities for you.

Duration - 3 Months


Course Fee - 7000


Batches - Flexible Options


ppc adwords course

Course Content

  • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools Account
    • Adding Websites to Google Webmaster Tools
    • Tracking the performance of website in Google Webmaster Tools
    • Tracking clicks, Impressions, site Position and CTR
    • Link Analysis through GWT
    • Internal Link Analysis through GWT
  • Google Analytics Tool
    • Starting with Google Analytics Tool
    • Setting account
    • Adding site
    • Tracking visitors
    • Location, Browser, OS and Device tracking
    • Real time and offline tracking
    • User behavior Analysis
  • Google Adwords
    • Understanding Google Adwords
    • Account Setup
    • Campaign Management
    • Understanding Text,Display and Video Based Ads.
    • Createting PPC campaign
    • Selecting Keywords
    • Creating ADs
    • Managing bids
    • Creating Display Ads
    • Creating Text Ads
    • Creating Video Ads
    • Ad Extensions
    • Monitoring Clicks, Impressions and CTR’s in Adwords
    • Making Payments in Google Adwords
  • Freelancing & carrier in PPC

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Go ahead and take a great decision for a better career , with unlimited growth potential and lot of money making ideas through use of internet there are lot of things that can be achieved.

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