Digital Marketing course fees

Digital Marketing course fees


Digital Marketing Course Fees

As the demand for digital marketing professionals is growing in market, so is the number of institutes providing digital marketing courses for the aspiring digital marketing professionals.

As you know digital marketing is a skill and anyone with any background can enroll by paying the digital marketing course fees charged by the institute.

There is lot of variation in digital marketing course fees charged by different different institutes.

We have seen digital marketing course fees ranging from a mere Rs 10000 /- upto Rs 75000 /- for the total course with similar course content published.

But before enrolling to any institute you need to take care of some of the points.

  • The first and foremost point you need to see is who is the faculty who is going to teach you the same. You may see flashy digital marketing institutes but they may not have a good faculty.
  • Second thing to note is the course content. The course content my vary as per the duration as well as the subject you want to learn.
  • Digital marketing course fees also depends on the duration of the course that you opt for.
  • Practical work. You are paying your digital marketing course fees to learn digital marketing but understand that digital marketing is not only theory but practical work is also required. Many of the students take online courses which are mainly theory with little practical.
  • Infrastructure of the institute should be up to mark. Do not fall in trap of institutes who just want to earn digital marketing course fees from you without giving proper facilities for the students.
  • Placement assistance , check whether they have support for helping you in getting placement. Most of the good institutes will have the same.

These are some of the important points before spending your digital marketing course fees you should keep in mind.

We are Hashtag Digital Marketing Academy , One of the most recommended digital marketing training institute in dehradun.

We provide complete digital marketing course to all aspiring professionals with live projects and 100% placement assistance. Our digital marketing course fees is Rs 14999/- for a 3 months digital marketing course.


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