SEO-Overview And Basics

SEO – Overview And Basics



Understanding What is SEO ?

  • It is the process by which we maintain and optimize our websites in order to satisfy and match the guidelines and criteria’s which are basically set by Search Engines
  • Major Search Engines are:

Google,Bing,Yahoo,ASK,AOl etc


How Does SEO Works ?

Basically Search Engines have a web crawler which crawls the web and gathers the related information, then this information gathered is categorized and ranked accordingly to the information received or collected through web crawler and finally the results are visible to the people who have put that search term.


What are the types of SEO ?

There are basically two types of SEO:

  1.  ON Page SEO and
  2.  Off Page SEO

On Page SEO :

  • It is the process by which we optimize our websites or web pages to satisfy the search engine criteria’s as well as to improve the user experience in order to rank higher and get more traffic/customers.
  • User experience is improved by :
  • By increasing the number of visitors to your website.
  • By increasing Session Duration of Visitors on your website.
  • Reducing the Bounce Rate which means number of people leaving your website from single page view.

In On Page SEO we perform :

Keyword Research, Updation of Title and Description Tags, Image Optimization, URL Optimization, Update Google Analytics to track the visitors,Update Google webmasters for proper crawling, indexing and functioning of websites, Update Robots and Sitemaps file.


Off Page SEO :

  • Off Page SEO is the process of promoting your website or content on other websites to generate links and references to your website inorder to improve reputation.
  • These are basically things you do to promote your website on other websites trying to improve popularity of your website as well as to drive Traffic and Create Links to your website.
  • It helps to promote your website on more popular websites which have high DA(Domain Authority) and Traffic. For example : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • In Off Page SEO we do :

Search Engine Submission, Blogging, Blog Commenting, Social Media Sharing, Social Bookmarking, Article Posting/Document sharing, Guest Posting, Directory Submission/Listing


Why To Choose SEO As Your Career Option ?


  • There is huge demand of SEO Services in India, due to which employment opportunities in the industries are expanding.
  • Search Engine Optimization experts earns good amount of money due to which many individuals are recognized nationally and internationally as well as they have choosen SEO as their career opportunity.
  • You can choose SEO career path as a freelancer as well by :
  1. By attending conferences and meeting individuals who are in the Internet Marketing Industry.
  2. Through social networking sites who requires SEO administrators or SEO Individuals.

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