All About Social Media Marketing, Its Importance and Goals

All About Social Media Marketing, Its Importance and Goals


Social Media Marketing is a way of doing marketing to get more and more traffic to your websites and to promote a product and services using different social media platforms.

PLATFORMS- Social Media Marketing can be done using different platforms like Facebook, Linkedln, Google+ and Youtube. Formats and audiences are different. A better understanding is required to know how social media marketing works using these different platforms. These platforms allow us to build links, to improve social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interest, activities and background. Here you update photos, short messages, can join events and can do other activities.


  • The media part in social media is the most important thing.
  • You as a marketer can find your audience to convey your message in social media.
  • You can specifically select and target your audience.
  • Social media is a platform where you can make groups and keep your customers for future communication.
  • Social media have the potential to make your content viral.

GOALS- Before proceeding further, it should be emphasized that one should have a deeper understanding of the main goals of social media marketing.


1) BRAND PROMOTION- This means that your brand is being promoted so that potential buyers can show some interest in buying your product and getting your services. You must post answers regularly of questions your customers have been asking. You use various interesting techniques like posting humorous, relevant memes to support your brand, building links to blog posts, info-graphics, statistics and relevant articles.

2) IMPROVING PUBLIC RELATIONS- You can find out what your customers think of your product brand and reviews by being genuine and responding to their complaints in a timely manner. In this way you can make customers love your product and you can keep up their loyalty. Ask them for reviews and rating.

3) BRAND LOYALTY- Brand loyalty is must in order to get long term growth. Social media gives you platforms to share your brand loyalty with people in real time. Photos and videos of your product and service is shared by customers and in this way, you offer discounts to them and customers feel connected.

4) RESEARCH- Most importantly, stay up to date on problems your customers are facing and develop situations. Research is to be done how other companies are engaging their customers if they face any complaints and if they are doing promotions.

5) GENERATE SALES AND ACQUIRE LEADS- After spending time on first four goals and accomplishing them, there are chances that your sales will grow. You get opportunity to communicate with customers, both on a personal level and an organizational level to understand their problems and to understand their basic corporate culture.

So, by setting above goals successes and failures can be measured properly. Your company will be presented as a trusted adviser that people want to buy from.

STRATEGIES- After understanding social media marketing on a deeper level, you need to use different strategies to bring everything together.

  • Build your team that is genuine, reliable and responsible.
  • Set aims which have to be achieved by your team.
  • Track and analyse performance.
  • Share results with your team so that they can analyse what else they must do to improve work.

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